Web Resources for Conflict

International news sources can provide useful perspectives often missing in US news.

These websites provide useful information worldwide:

Follow this link for resources relevant to specific types of questions like ACLED or PITF counts of violent events, protests, and UN Security Council resolutions.

See also the following lists of resources by geographical area:

Note on Search Engine Resources

English language news sites by country/region are mostly, but not always, the product of governments and are used to portray the “official line.” They are however good source of background information on issues and allows for improved searches given “Boolean string” method in your search engines. There will be times when you will need to know and comprehend the “official government position.” This is especially true in developing countries. We recommend using three different search engines on the same topic as some search engines have takes to overlook key sites due in part to bias. One not so well known based in UK is smarter.com.

Begin your preparation for predicting in these two areas by acquiring a broad foundation of global affairs and current events. Identify the significant issues of the day and how they affect US interests. Next, catalog a list of specific sites pertaining to single issues related to conflict and political issues that can be accessed for “drilling down” or getting more details on specific issues. Always use two sources: One produced by governments and another “international” who purport independence of some sort.